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Capturing the working process of a wood carver

For the last few months I have been looking for a photographer to work with, whilst I work in my workshop on a new series of sculptures  for my last show in the Uk.

Whale Tail Bench (detail of Shot),

Photo taken By Phil Peake all rights reserved. 2017

The idea was to capture the creation and the process of some of the current works i am making at Keighley creative space.  Which is where my current studio Is based. After working with the very talented Phil Peak  a Skipton-based photographer  who captured some amazing photos of my large sculpture called “The Whale Tail Bench” It inspired me to look at more ways and recording the process of my work rather than just the end result.  

So when a new artist arrived at the studios named Thom, I was pleased to seem working mainly in black and white and a film based photographer. Which to me is true photography and has a unique way of holding onto the subject matter capturing something quite unique.

We arranged a date to discuss the type of photographs that would work best. We both agreed black-and-white was the only way to go. So Thom created a very fluid photoshoot, the outcome was much better than I could hope..  You can see the full series of images that were taken here on my website in the gallery.

So big thank you to Thom for his time and effort And skills with a camera. 

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