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Beech Coffee Table 2017

Beech Slab Table I - II 2017 (15).jpg

Sometimes a piece of furniture has simple Lines and does not need complex design features ornate legs or other such features. SO the choice of legs for the tables was the hairpin leg company using their classic two pin legs.

To me they allow the table to speak with no distraction being made to the legs on a slab table it’s better under these circumstances in my experience. The Grain on each slab was amazing in its unfinished state you could see the radial sunray emanating from the centre of the slab. Delta Edge has complex growth Lines which actually reflect the form of a tree. Creating a shadow under the sun ray’s,  it’s an amazing thing to explore.  You can see the history in the lines of growth in what most would call blemishes, l call points of interest they draw your eye to the wood. It’s a pleasure to work with such timber it needs to be treated with respect you need to understand the wood the way it has been milled. How was it air dried? how long did it stay in the kiln for? what was the temperature in the kiln?

All these snippets of information help the furniture maker to understand the next stage without this information you have a large question mark that can lead to errors and mistakes in the build of a simple table.

The Beechwood is from British hardwoods based near Skipton in North Yorkshire the quality of timber and the care given to stabilising and air drying and finishing off in the kiln means you’re buying quality timber that you can rely on and trust.

Beech Slab Table I - II 2017 (67).JPG


Beech Table No II finished with Osmo Oil.


Both tables speak because of the wood and its complex history. Making each table an outstanding piece. The skill involved in making a table like this is not on the actual structure it’s on your knowledge of how to prepare clean and create a silk-like surface these skills that have taken me over 20 years to develop.

Tools used  

  • Omso Hard wax oil  
  • Markarta sand paper  80 up to 600 Grit  
  • Curved rasps and files  
  • Kirjes  sanding system  
  • Makita power sander  
  • Various hand tools and chisels  

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