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Oak V.W eating plates making the plate.

Eating plates for designed after the call buy some baby led weaning parents to make a plate that was not plastic that would last for many years and I would have an interesting design that will encourage children to eat.

  making food fun it’s something that I hold dear after bringing up my young son using wooden bowls and wooden eating plates from when my son was 6 months old I know the huge impact this can have when a child eating routine being able to separate two different foods and two colours shapes textures encourages children to explore their food it’s a just another part of their environment.

Plates that come in various Styles or long-term developments of encouraging snack time to be fun and engaging  encouraging children to set out their own food  it helps children learn colours to count  the practical you can take them out with you  they wash easily  the environmentally friendly  and children love them  I also made them for adults as well. 

A video below shows one of my finished tables “The Ash coffee table with carved bowl”.

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