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Cog & Chain Table (The French Build No.1) 2018

bespoke furniture hand-carved

Oak Cog and chain coffee table  (16).jpg

The objective…

To turn a sad old oak door into a beautiful Quarless table. 

The theme: is industrial cogs and chains.

The reason: As I now making some of pieces of sculpture at “Laregratterie” in Poitier’s I wanted to ensure i get the best use of the amazing array of recycled objects here. 


Read on….

So this is the Progress from today,  after a long debate I decided to cut the table to make a river table. The reason was it was just to long at 75″ inches plus it was heading to weigh 300 kilos at the end of the build taking into all the steel being used in the build.

So out came the big saw, calculator, and mind bending process to cut a huge slab  at 45% with a straight anywhere.

Even for my head its a risk. So many things can go wrong. The wood can have internal cracks not yet seen due to its age. Cutting across a large hole in the centre of a 4″ table with large cicular saw also has its own safety issues. 


Oak Cog and chain coffee table  (34).jpg

So signing off for this week:

Next week 2nd stage on the build of the river cog table.

I will also be adding some new galleries to the site and a tool page with reviews on various tools I use in my work.

thanks for reading if you enjoyed give me a shout and share.


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