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Red Oak Bathroom Commission

red oak bathroom commission in progress


I was asked by a client to make a bespoke bathroom table to fit two sinks and to ensure it had a naturel edge to it. They wanted the piece to be unique and to give their bathroom an added feeling of luxury and elegance.

The cost of the commission, and the time taken to create a one-off design like this, is not something that happens everyday. However, it is thoroughly enjoyable. I love creating unique designs and every client is assured that their specially designed commission will never be replicated. 


Making furniture is great, but making sculptural furniture gives me real pleasure. From finding the right wood with my clients, through to the subsequent design drawings and home visits. The addition of the matching mirror really took this design to the next level. Also, by working closely with the plumber it meant that the whole task went really smoothly.




All my work comes with a Maker’s Mark and Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee. As a registered French artisan I’m proud to be different and truly love my work as a furniture maker and renovator.

Brad Quarless 

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