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wood restoration specialist and family man

Ébéniste, wood restoration specialist and family man

Brad Quarless is an ébéniste (a virtuoso in creating sculptured wooden furniture) and a professional floor sanding and wood restoration specialist. His business – Parfait Parquet – is based in Blanzay, Vienne, France where he lives with his French wife, Catherine, and their son Jai.

As an accomplished wood sculptor, when Brad isn’t doing his ‘day job’, he lovingly crafts organic and fluid objets d’art. Whether it’s a hand-turned bowl created from the burr of a tree, or a complete table, masterfully crafted from a piece of reclaimed elm. He always strives for perfection.

Brad’s business also involves restoring French parquet floors and stairs-cases. As a professional floor sander and wood restoration specialist, his extensive knowledge and expertise is well-known his services are in high demand across France.

When the family relocated to France from the UK in 2018, they never imagined how sought-after Brad’s wood restoration expertise would be. However, it’s not only that. People know that he can be trusted to provide a reputable, reliable, top quality service – every time. In fact, that’s another reason why the business has continued to expand year after year. 

Restoration projects worldwide

Brad credits his expertise to having been taught by an exceptional, time-served, master carpenter – his stepfather. Working on large scale restoration projects that have taken him all around the globe also helped.

His experience and passion for wood is evident in his work. As is the focus, dedication and determination that he puts into achieving the perfect finish. That’s why he loves working with clients who want to restore their furniture and floors, not just replace them. 

Read his reviews and you will understand how much his clients appreciate and admire his craftsmanship and practical knowledge. At the end of the day, if you want to save yourself time, money and stress, then hire an expert. With years of experience in floor sanding and wood restoration, Brad Quarless is a man you can rely on.

The Quarless Philosophy

“I’m constantly broadening my understanding of deforestation and the effect it has on our planet. As an eco-conscious furniture maker my role is not only to create, but also to give back to the land. I believe we should all learn to respect the value of every single tree on our planet. 
By following a few simple rules we can all sustain our love of wood by giving something back. We need to understand that trees are sacred. That’s why, for the majority of my sculptures, I only use naturally fallen timber, called ‘windfall’. And when I’m really lucky, driftwood that’s been washed up on the beach
I continuously support the re-plantation of forests by promoting seed planting schemes around the world. As well as that, I support local schemes for forest management and educating the public to buy more ethically sourced furniture.

If you would like to know more about any aspect of my philosophy, please get in touch.

Brad Quarless. Ébéniste, Wood Restoration Specialist & Owner of Parfait Parquet.

Wonderful day's find on the beach for Brad Quarless, an experienced wood sculptor living in France