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Handcrafted Beautiful Bespoke Furniture

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Bespoke sculptured furniture designed and created for you, using ethically sourced and recycled wood.

Each piece of wood has a history that can never wear away – its soul and character are etched into every grain. But now it has a new life and a new character – recycled, re-purposed and reborn. Take a moment to admire the beauty of the wood and the intricacies of the grain. This beautiful bespoke furniture has a past, present and a bright, new future.

Now, imagine owning something that no one else in the whole world will ever be able to recreate.

Simply Priceless by Parfait Parquet

Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose.

My focus is on sustainability and recycling wood where possible to remke furniture into usable items. Often I will pick something up at a vide grenier (the equivalent of a car boot sale or flea market). It might sit there for days, weeks, sometimes even months, until I sketch out ideas or a client asks for a peice of furniture that can be made with something from my stock.

However, once I’ve decided, that’s it. From that moment (work permitting) my time is spent carefully cleaning, drying, sanding and finishing every single square inch. And yes, I do mean ‘carefully’, and you can add ‘lovingly’ to that sentence too. Even tired, weather-beaten driftwood has a heart and soul and a story to tell. Often, the story unfolds while I am washing away the dirt and grime.

Your furniture projects

We enjoy working with other talented people and we love a challenge. So if you have any home or commercial projects in mind and would like help bringing your ideas to life, contact Parfait Parquet today. For a FREE no-obligation quote you can complete our Enquiry Form, or email or call us direct using the details displayed on the website.

The Quarless Philosophy

As an eco-conscious furniture maker my role is not only to create, but also to make sure we give something back to the land. I live by simple rules and a simple philosophy.

  • Respect the value of each tree that is grown and used in my workshop.
  • Support local timber suppliers and tree surgeons for sourcing timber for my work
  • Teach and offer training and courses to pass on my experince as a maker and sculptor.
  • Use naturally fallen timber (often called ‘windfall’), or driftwood whenever possible.
  • Continuously support re-plantation of forest, by supporting seed planting schemes.
  • Support local schemes for forest management and for educating the public about buying ethically produced goods.
  • Use ethically managed wood from which show that a product has come from a sustainably managed woodlands. (I do not use imported exotic timbers in my workshop unless they are from endorsed companies with Checkable import licences).