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Chestnut Wood Gallery

Chestnut parquet floor
Honey-coloured chestnut parquet floor

Chestnut Floors

In this gallery you can view a selection of Parfait Parquet professionally finished chestnut floors. The unique properties of this wood make it a great choice for flooring. It’s a hard wood and extremely resistant to decay, insects and rot. So it’s perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and high-traffic areas, such as hallways.

Because of its light colour chestnut can be exceptionally beautiful in parquet floors too. With the right preparation and finish, the colour is almost like honey and can brighten up even the darkest of rooms. And it can also be easily stained if you prefer a darker colour. So, if you have chestnut floors in your property you have lots of options if it needs a little TLC!

Parfait Parquet Professionals

We hope you enjoyed viewing our gallery. If you have wood floors in your property please get in touch if you need any help or advice. We also offer staircase renovation and restoration services.

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