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Parquet Sanding & Renovation Services

Professional floor sanding and staircase renovation services.

Based in Blanzay 86400, Vienne, France

Floor restoration and renovation services in France
Oak barn floor and staircase

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Brad Quarless at Parfait Parquet has over 20 years experience providing top-quality, professional wood restoration services. So, for a professional assessment for floor sanding, parquet floor renovation, staircase restoration, or any other renovation services. Contact the experts!

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French Property Renovations

In France, old flooring forms a major part of most renovation projects. The flooring needs to be carefully assessed to ensure it is in keeping with the style and age of the property. It is important to understand how the floor was laid and in which room. For instance, the floor boards on the ground floor in a lot of old French properties are laid on wooden beams directly on top of the earth. Upstairs floors can move, twist and dip over long periods of time. So all of this is taken into account when we prepare our professional assessment and solution for your floor sanding project.

Dust-Free Sanding

At Parfait Parquet we offer a complete sanding service as well as a ‘sanding only’ service.

Using professional dust free equipment we sand the wood back to the bare timber until we have a new clean floor ready for applying the finish. Once sanded it can then be sealed, stained, treated with oil wax or other finishes depending on your particular preference. Professional advice is provided as part of the referral process on the finishes that are the most suitable for the type of wood.

Sanding old French period floors

Parfait Parquet has a wealth of experience in sanding ancient floors that are uneven, dipped and cupped. We recommend having these types of floors sanded by hand to avoid further damage to the boards. Before any work is agreed all available options are discussed with our customers. That way there are no surprises or hidden costs and everyone understands exactly what needs to be done.

Over the years we have developed many new and improved repair and restoration techniques for older floors. Sometimes it’s through trial and error, but we also rely on our extensive knowledge and experience of wood.

At Parfait Parquet we are dedicated to continually improving our skills and ensuring that we use the best products available.

Flooring Treatments

Woodworm, and decay caused by various beetle infestations.

Treatment and repairs are an integral part of the floor sanding preparation. But as with all the best results it depends on meticulous preparation. First of all, it’s important to assess whether the room has active woodworm or not. Most of the time it’s just a matter of dealing with woodworm holes left behind in oak or walnut flooring. Chestnut floors are more partial to woodworm attacks and the damage is often a soft powdery wood dust on the surface. This needs to be removed and treated as part of the full room floor sanding process.

With our considerable wood restoration skills, not only do we repair the floor, but we also treat it for woodworm. The treatment is completed before applying the finish and protects floors for up to 10 years. With other companies this process is often overlooked. But at Parfait Parquet it is standard practice for all our floor sanding and renovation projects in France. It protects your wood floors from further attacks and damage caused by woodworm or other infestations. So your beautifully renovated wood floors stay looking beautiful for longer.

Wood Finishes

The most important part of the sanding process is creating the perfect result for your beautiful room. We discuss the various options available for each room depending on its use and amount of traffic. The products we use are tried and tested and provide the best results. But there’s also a financial bonus, because, per square metre, these products last longer than any other product on the market.

Oil wax finishes

Best option for giving your floor a natural finish and they are also repairable for minor scratches, marks or spills.

Osmo poly oil

The original, clear, hard wax oil from Osmo suitable for all bare wooden floors.

  • 2 coats
  • 24m² per litre
  • 8 hrs drying time

Osmo Express oil finishes

Quick drying version of Osmo Polyx oil, used to complete projects that need a quick turnaround. Perfect for stairs as you can apply two coats in one day!

  • 2 coats
  • 24m² per litre
  • 2 to 4 hrs drying time

Our recommended water-based finishes

Please note there are additional costs per sqm for using Bona products over oil/waxes

Pallmann professional finishes

A range of professional grade, ultra durable, two-pack floor finishes for wood floors exposed to heavy foot traffic.

  • 2 coats plus a primer coat
  • 10m² per litre
  • 2/3 hrs drying time for fast tune around 1.5 hrs with a hardner to speed up the drying of the finishes

Bona Mega Natural

Bona Mega Natural seals and protects wooden floors whilst preserving the look of natural, untreated wood.

  • 2 coats
  • 10m² per litre
  • 3 hrs drying time

Other Restorations and Renovation Services

Furniture commission

If you would like to discuss a bespoke commission for an item for your home or business please complete our Enquiry Form.

Furniture repairs and renovation

If you have a piece of furniture, such as tables or chairs, that require skilled repairs, we can assess piece for its suitability for repairs.

Roof beam renovation services

Roof beams can be an outstanding feature in any property. At Parfait Parquet we provide a full cleaning and restoration service to bring your beams back to their former glory.