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How to make a Vegan antipasto platter by Seven roses

After discussing my new designs for vegan summer cooking with  F r a n c e s c a of  a vegan blogger and an amazing writer. We decided with her recipes and love of vegan food and my twist on how to serve food using wood that we would join forces to bring you a unique experience in summer dining al fresco style. as you can see Seven roses really brought together a rainbow of colours to produce what I would call a mouthwatering vegan food platter. 

From edible flowers to new season radishes it looks and would taste amazing….the questions is what would you add to your platter.

2018-05-16 10.40.40.jpeg

The Sapele Serving platter with heart dish



You can read the full article here on sevenroses page. Make sure you take a good look around her site for food, products and generally everything vegan.

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