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Oak Parquet Gallery

Parquet Floors

There are many beautiful styles of parquet floors in France. From simple planked floors to stylish patterned ones. In our experience the most popular patterns for parquet in France are chevron and herringbone designs.

Oak parquet is extremely durable, hard-wearing and creates an amazing and enviable room feature if it is sanded and finished correctly. Professional repairs, sanding and the right oil or wax finish will help protect your floors and keep them looking perfect for longer.

What is the process for parquet floor restoration?

The restoration depends on the age and condition of the parquet. If the parquet has been covered over for a long time, when the covering is removed very often the blocks come loose. In the worst cases, blocks can be rotten or damp. So they need to be replaced. Usually, parquet floors are in much better condition when they have been left uncovered.

The common problems with parquet are where they have been badly restored in the past. For example, we’ve seen blocks replaced with the wrong type of wood, gaps not filled in, etc. Even worse is when missing blocks have been filled in with cement. At Parfait Parquet we assess each floor individually, tell you exactly what needs to be done and how. We also tell you which products we’ll be using.

Parfait Parquet Professionals

We hope you enjoyed viewing our gallery of works in glorious oak. If you have any questions about floor renovation or restoration, check out our FAQ page for all the answers. Otherwise you can email or call us directly using any of the details displayed on our website. You can also complete our Enquiry Referral Form and get a FREE no-obligation quote from the Parfait Parquet flooring professionals.