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Serving Platters & Food Boards

Custom-Designed Serving Platters, Cheese Boards and Bowls

Made to order

Most of these items can be made to order just send me a message or give me a call to say which design you like. I will get back to you to confirm the wood that is available, sizes, and prizing. The latest designs from the workshop this week are the split serving platters. Variations of this board can be made from Elm, Oak, French Beech, Ash and exotic African Sapele wood.

Sapele wood serving platters

These were original commissioned for a UK restaurant in Liverpool. The serving boards are made with a cut out for adding your own bowl for oil, relish, etc. The carved insert allows the boards to be held without the bowl falling off the board! The wood finish is vegan-friendly mineral oil.

Design your own

You can design your own serving platters or boards to suit your needs, and to fit any dish or serving bowls that you use in your premises. Boards can also be branded to include your business name or logo as part of the design.