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Cherry Wood Sewing Table.

Machine à coudre Sewing table

100% Re-cycled Sewing Table

Since moving to France I have acquired lots of fine, old dining tables. Most of them in excellent condition too. They’re just so beautiful and well made, but sadly no longer used. (Perhaps TV dinners have taken over here too). I’ve also built up a large stock of old sewing machines (‘machine coudre’) still intact on their metal frames. So, a couple of years ago I had an idea on how I could recycle them both.


Using the table, first of all I dismantled the frame, but kept all the parts -brackets, screws, etc. – because they are really well made and can definitely be reused. Then, I cut the dining table top to fit neatly on top of the sewing machine frame.

Next, I prepared the back of the unit, by creating a new oak panel which was attached to the rear of the table. After that the sewing table was given a thorough clean and spray. 

Re-cycled sewing table


The final stage. Clean and re-wax the cherry table top and fix it to its new base. For finishing the table tops I use my own product. It’s a blend of oils and waxes to bring out the features of the wood and protect them at the same time. 

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