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top guy, great professional

My wife and I bought an old French cottage that needed some renovation doing. One of the jobs was to sand down an archaic wooden floor, with huge, uneven boards bolted down with enormous old iron nails. Having hired a floor sander and tried myself with no real result, we decided it was too much and hired Brad. Not only was the transformation in the floor incredible, but Brad was an excellent source of information and advice for the room and just the renovation in general.

Friendly, approachable and full of invaluable knowledge. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Brad to others or to use him again in the future. In fact, I already did as I hired his sanding machine for a smaller job and it worked brilliantly. But I highly recommend his expertise if it’s anything you want doing right, because the machine is exceptionally powerful. It’s easy to make errors if you’re not sure what you’re doing. So all in all, top guy, great professional and I highly recommend. Cheers Brad. Until next time 🙂