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What are the real costs of hiring a Artisan

What are the real costs of hiring an artisan for floor sanding and restoring a parquet floor.

As many French professionals are finding over the last year there is a increasing undercurrent of untrained or price cutting floor sanders in the regions of

We have come together to make people aware of the issue and raise people awareness of the real costs within our trade as Ebeniste and floor restoration professionals.

There are national guidelines for pricing in the craft of the parquet restorer. They are there to help clients to understand the costs and understand the works and to avoid people working below the threshold where obvious working on the black can be seen.

You find details for tariffs here for 2022

What budget should be planned to renovate a parquet floor?

The envelope to renovate a parquet floor depends on several factors, but especially on the type of rehabilitation to be carried out. Indeed, it can be a partial renovation, a simple repair, a shade or sanding.

Now let’s look at the budget according to the type of renovation chosen:

The price for renovating a solid parquet is between 35 and 60 euros per square meter TTC. The service includes the sanding phase and finishing.

For sanding alone, the service is charged between 20 and 30 euros per square meter TTC.

For the finishing phase, whether it is varnishing, vitrification or oiling, it is necessary to provide an average of between 15 and 35 euros per square meter.

I know local to me the rate has been for the last few years €25m2 which is nigh impossible to buy sundries and finishes and sand a floor and pay taxes due at 24.5% as that take the m2 price to €18.87 m2!

A solid wood parquet will be more expensive to sand than a classic wood, because it will require more attention.

If your parquet has holes and cracks, be aware that it is quite usual for the craftsman to add an additional cost (including the resin wood pulp to be applied and the time spent plugging and renovating). If it is gondola, it may indicate other underlying problems; indicate it to the craftsman before the work.

“Sanding price of a glued solid old parquet”

For an old glued solid parquet of 60m2, in medium condition (presence of holes and cracks), sanding and vitrification will cost you between €2,900 and €3,200 TTC (including the price of equipment and labor).

As most rooms are are around 20m2 to 25 /30m2 the price can be seen easy as €1400 for 30m2 TTC with no additional works. This gives you a guide to real prices of Floor sanding not floor sanding with restoration works.

So when you find a quote stating a day or hourly rate to sand a floor be aware that it is not a professional quote you have been given!

To help you find a professional we give the following guidance to hiring.

1.Ask to see the artisans Kabis proof of registration in France as an artisan for the jobs they are quoting for.

2. Ask to see there insurance documents (it must be a French insurance policy Uk insurance is not valid for floor restoration works since Brexit was completed).

3. Ask to see reviews and contact details to speak with Previous clients.

4. Check the contract does it state the product being used the after care provided. details the works

4.5 does it state the grits they use when sanding

4.6 does it say the floor will be de nibbed or cross-sanded?

5. If the pricing is low at say €25m2 for sanding and vitrification of an old parquet floor needing repairs or gap filling then based on current pricing its below the national rate and may be indicator to dig a little deeper. (cheap works means under-sanding

We hope this helps those new to France and those living here for many years. Currently with the cost of sundries rising by over 15% in the last three months all artisans across all fields are feeling the strain and we all trying to give you the best price we can while still making you happy with good works and making profit and paying of our charges from 25% to 45% depending on the set up of the artisan.

Brad Quarless

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